about us


UBONEX Malaysia is an independent local organization committed to providing the leaders of tomorrow with an integrated and holistic approach to sustainability and responsibility. Our company is dedicated to helping organizations and individuals become more effective leaders while also prioritizing sustainability and responsible business practices. We believe that by integrating sustainability into leadership practices, businesses can achieve better financial performance, reduce risk, and contribute to a healthier planet.

Our core values reflect our commitment to ethical and responsible business practices, sustainability, and excellence in our services. We want to empower and build effective leaders with sustainability & responsible business practices at their core. At our organization we utilise tools and methods that weave sustainability into leadership practices. Ultimately, we want to drive businesses to score higher financial gains while reducing risks & contributing to a healthier/better planet.

our philosophy


Our vision is to be a leader in sustainable leadership, empowering organizations and individuals to create a better world for all stakeholders.


Empower leaders to build more
sustainable and responsible
organizations, with a focus on creating
long-term value for all stakeholders,
including employees, customers,
communities and the environment.


Create long-term value for all
stakeholders by promoting
responsible business practices,
reducing risk and contributing to a
healthier planet.